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“Protecting the Pension Plan with Participant Permission”


Origin: __________________________ Pastoral Charge / Presbytery / Conference

Financial Implications if known:

Staffing Implications if known: staff time to develop and circulate surveys to Pension Plan members from time to time on proposed changes to the Plan

Source of Funding if known:


The issue

The Administrator of the United Church Pension Plan has changed the Plan with a potential negative effect for Plan members without informing members or seeking their consent.


The United Church maintains a defined benefit retirement plan and requires participation in the Pension Covenant by ministry personnel / staff and pastoral charges / employing units. Portions of the Pan text are offered in italics below. They clearly show that the General Council Executive – the Plan’s Administrator - changed the Pension Plan section 14.02 (c) in 2010* (effective 2011), allowing benefits to be reduced, without wide consideration, even if the plan is in good shape:


*the Administrator may in its discretion make amendments to the Plan, which reduce in value or which affect prejudicially any right, option or benefit entitlement accrued under the Plan on and after January 1, 2011. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Administrator may in its discretion make amendments to the Plan which reduce or affect prejudicially any pension increase, pension update or other benefit improvement made on or after January 1, 2011 in respect of Credited Service before or after January 1, 2011. For greater clarity, the Administrator's power to amend the Plan under this section 14.02(c) may be exercised irrespective of the funded status of the Plan at any time.


The Plan Administrator (the General Council Executive) made this change without clearly informing Plan members, or seeking their due consideration or consent,  


How might the General Council respond to the issue?

The 43d General Council should direct that:

1. the Plan be revised, reverting to the text of 2007**; and

2. any such changes in the future can be taken only with the due consideration and consent of the beneficiaries (Pension Plan members) by vote.


**30.05 The Executive of General Council, its Sub-Executive, or the Pension Board with regard to amendments that are within its authority, may amend the provisions of the Pension Plan at any time, provided that no such amendment shall deprive any Member, Spouse of a Member, dependent child or Beneficiary of any vested equitable interest in the Pension Fund, and provided that any change affecting the actuarial solvency of the Pension Fund or the equity of the Members, their Spouses, dependent children and Beneficiaries shall be made only after due consideration  (4/26/2004)

30.06 While The Church has every expectation of maintaining the Pension Plan into the indefinite future, it reserves the right, notwithstanding anything set out in the foregoing to the contrary, to discontinue the Pension Plan by action of the Executive of General Council, and subject to the approval of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and Canada Revenue Agency, provided that no such discontinuance shall deprive any Member, Spouse of a Member, dependent child or Beneficiary of any vested equitable interest thereunder except by reason of insufficient funds when a reduction in benefits may be authorized by an appropriate Federal or Provincial jurisdiction. (4/26/2004)