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Pension Plan Proposal Templates

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1. Protecting the Pension Plan with Participant Permission

2. Supplementing Pension Benefits

3. Inflation Affects Pensioners Too: Adding Cost of Living Allowance to Retirees’ Pension as with Active Members’ Salary

Remit Implementation Proposal Templates

Implementation of three court governance processes

Repository of Decisions

Language Used in Investigation and Disciplinary Processes

Transparency in Investigation and Disciplinary Processes

Continuation of Processes

Financial Compensation

Cause of Investigation

Clergy Compensation during Transition

Readmission of DSL(v) clergy

Call and Appointment with Partnering Denominations

Proposals to General Council regarding

the Pension Plan and Remit Implementation

Unifaith believes the Church needs action on the United Church Pension Plan, as well good implementation ideas for the Remits. The Unifaith Teams have created these templates for use across the church. Based on the other information here on the Unifaith site or the experience of others with the Plan, you may wish to modify them.

As can be seen in the Record of Proceedings from GC42 (2016), there is no one “correct” form for proposals. Background material can come before or after the actual proposed action. The action proposed can be very specific, or much less so, with only a broad idea of what needs to happen.

Unifaith is trying to be creative and allow for active discussion on increases to pensions and remit implementation.

Bring one or more proposals to your Presbytery this spring to start the process.