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Bully in the Church Workshop

Solidarity in Action


Unifaith sheds many tears over the crisis calls it receives from clergy. One of our frequent tasks is to stand in solidarity with a hurting colleague in ministry and their family. We have all seen this tragedy reflected in the recent Observer Question Box, and in  the Isolation in Ministry Report a few years ago. Some pastoral charges house bullies. They may be a volunteering committee chair or a parking lot meeting convener. Unifaith has seen - heard of - so many instances that we even created a workshop on the Church Bully. Caught in the anxiety of the moment, some clergy mistakenly just quit when confronted by this improper and hurtful behaviour. And it hurts the whole Church. If you need help, send us a note by clicking here.

Our Pension

Unifaith has launched an invitation for us to talk together as we contemplate our response to the UCC discussion about a Clergy Association and the Remits. Subscribe below


Unifaith’s concerns about our Pension Plan were coming to a head last Fall, just as the Pension Board initiated a survey of Plan members. Even after the National discussion that came of it, through our e-mails and their Connex response, we still believe we have a message Plan Members and Plan Administrators need to hear. So, there is more to come. Sign up for more emails and re-read those we have sent already by clicking here.

Pension Talks