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The Supportive Community Chapter for Faith Workers and their Families of

The United Church of Canada

United FOR You. United FOR All.

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Commemorating the 100th Anniversary


The Winnipeg General Strike:

 May 15 – June 25, 1919

A Resource Booklet

    Faith communities may wish to use these labour-themed resources on one or more of the Sundays of the historical duration of the Strike, or at other times of the year when workers are being remembered.

Concrete Proposals for General Council and Pension Board Action

Aupgrading and Strengthening

our Pension Plan

 The proposal contains our detailed and researched suggestions for the Plan, arranged in various sections. In general, Unifaith is recommending:

 - methods to supplement pension incomes after a decade of no increases;

 - a commitment by the United Church to regular pension increases (based on new sources of revenue and a different assumption about fund solvency);

 - more transparency about the Board’s assumptions and plans, and specifically more clarity about fund solvency;

 - rebuilding trust with Plan members by restoring a former limit on the power of the Pension Board to reduce pensions.

In solidarity - We Are Not Alone!


Unifaith has been around a long time! We’ve gone through some name changes, but our reason for being has never changed.

You Are Not Alone.


From its earliest days, Unifaith has been a Think Tank of ideas and sharing. Social events bring us together - from a summer BBQ, to a Labour Day Parade, to a special life moment in one of our Members. And we keep on sharing together: You Are Not Alone!

Pension Plan Campaign


Hearing the concerns of United Church Pension Plan members from one side of the nation to the other, Unifaith raised its voice into the matter. GC 43 decided to ask its Secretary to look into the matter. Unifaith has considered concrete ways to upgrade and strengthen pensions.

> More < You Are Not Alone!

Solidarity in Action


Unifaith stands up for the very best employment practices possible for its members in The United Church of Canada

You’ve found it! The UCC Association of Ministers


As so many new ways of being unfold in our Church, all agree that Ministry Personnel really need a place of their own, an Association of Ministers

Solidarity in Action


Unifaith meetings often revolve around issues of Solidarity in Action. We have advised, assisted, and advocated for hundreds of Ministry Personnel and their families. This has led us to the highest church courts and some civil courts - all to live: You Are Not Alone!